Construction Manager's Blueprint for Insurance Coverage

ProSight understands the unique set of risks and challenges faced by Construction Managers and has designed an Integrated General Liability and Errors and Omissions (Professional Liability) package for today's Construction Managers.


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Jake Morin, Underwriter of Construction Manager, explains the advantages and benefits of ProSight's Construction Managers Insurance Program.

ProSight's Construction Program Manager, Jake Morin explains the benefits of Combining General Liability and Errors and Omissions Insurance in one policy. 

ProSight's Construction Manager, Jake Morin, discussing ProSight's partnership with Construction Managers Association of America (CMAA) as well as Quaker Special Risk. 

ProSight Construction Underwriter, Jake Morin, on why construction managers need Professional Liability

Program Benefits

Certified Construction Managers receive preferred rating on their quote from ProSight Specialty Insurance

Combined GL/PL policy creates continuity of claims management. This eliminates the potential for disagreement between GL and PL carriers.

Includes coverage for expenses even before a claim has been filed: subpoena coverage and disciplinary proceeding expense reimbursement

Comprehensive, managed approach to claims with resources and expertise that pays special attention to the unique nature of the coverage that is provided

Construction Expert Insurance

ProSight Specialty Insurance believes that building exclusive partnerships with quality industry experts equates to success for its customers.

This is why ProSight has teamed up with Quaker Special Risk (QSR) to deliver the Construction Managers program directly to CMAA members. With over 50 years of experience in the construction industry, QSR has deep understanding of the Construction Managers discipline and will work closely with CMAA members’ retailers or agents. 

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Program Details

Construction Managers have plenty of project details that need their attention every day, but concern about having the right insurance coverage shouldn’t be a concern if chosen wisely. 

ProSight understands the unique set of risks and challenges faced by Construction Managers and has designed an Integrated General Liability and Errors and Omissions package for CMs, closing the gaps on coverage while offering a new level of comfort and service. 


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CMAA is underscoring its commitment to the enhancement of construction management as a professional discipline by partnering with ProSight to provide members with innovative, industry-leading risk management solutions. ProSight's expertise in the construction managers' insurance space and their commitment to offering products that help Construction Managers, makes them the ideal partner for CMAA

-- Bruce D'Agostino, President & CEO, CMAA


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